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    Nate Thompson Says:

    Hi, I have a mini radio I use to workout at the gym. I want to listen to my fav am station which comes in great anywhere but at the gym. Is there anything I can do to improve the reception? Does the quality of headphones make a difference in the reception? Thank you for any help. Nate

    Hi Nate,

    Unfortunately, there is nothing that you can do about the poor AM reception in the gym.

    The only option is to get a good AM mini such as the Sangean DT200VX mentioned in the article above and even that probably wouldn’t do what you want.

    Headphones don’t make any difference with AM radio, only FM.

    You could listen to FM while in the gym or record your favorite programs and play them back through MP3 while in the gym.


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    Doug Says:

    My favorite AM station 1280AM KFRN is also the ONLY station I want to listen to because it is the onlt station I know of in my listening area that is overwhelming faithful to the Gospel. Reception at my home is just terrible ranging from nothing but static to fairly clear but never without some back ground static and even at it’s best it tends to be barely tolerable more often than not, at least to the more irritable of my household. The confusing thing is that the station’s transmitter is only maybe 10 miles or less north west of my home Not only that but the station typically comes in clear as a bell FAR AWAY southward! I have several times driven soulth for well over an hour and more and the signal stayed great! Come to think of it though, the signal has a history of being pretty poor to the west of the station. I think it is also good to the north but I can’t speak of reception eastward due to that being out in the Pacific ocean! What is going on? And what can I can do to remedy things at my home? Buy better radios? I have tried several things like long wire antenna and a few differnt antenna boosters powered and non powered. They can help sometimes but often not enough to be tolerable still. It is just so frustrating! I am about give up and try some radically differnt stratagy. One thing that seems appealing to try is to take advantage of the fact that the stations parent station is streamed live on the internet. I am thinking I can use my wireless router to deliver this station to a new “WiFi” radio which is a pricey option that I know nothing about but seems to hold good promise. The only other thing along that same line is to install a “whole house FM transmitter onto my PC’s audio output connectors. Again it is both pricey (though not as much as WiFi) and I have no expereince with it … but it looks like I simply find an available FM frequency, bring the live stream onto my PC and Re-transmit that via FM throughout my property … then I just tune it in on each of my home’s FM radios and hop that works!?!? It just seems so ridiculous to have to employ such desperate measures to get a station so closeby! Before I resort to such desperate measures can anyone tell me of some magic bullet that will remedy my AM reception problem here for this one obstinate station! Oh and one more important? detail. The station I want is KFRN 1280 AM which is exactly double the most powerful AM station frequency 640 which used to often come in often better on 1280 than the KFRN did! KFRN made engineering changes which made the signal Stereo and at the same time apparently ended hearing 640’s programming on 1280. Yes I think that is what fixed hearing 640 on KFRN ecept it also seems to have maybe made things worse than ever as far as unintelligible added noise and interferece!! AGGGHHHH! HELP Please!

    Hi Doug,

    Please notice the coverage area of KFRN on the following map:

    That completely explains what is going on.

    You put a lot of information in there but you didn’t mention the radio you are using. I have several articles on AM reception on this Web site so see if some of those radios suit your needs. If you have a chance it is with one of those.

    Unless you are married to that station for some reason, find a good source of streaming music like you want. There are tons of places on the Web for listening to any kind of music you could want. I wouldn’t spend too much on your project as it isn’t necessary.

    As far as getting the music around the house, there are a ton of sites on the net that discuss in-house music distribution.

    Best of luck getting your music.


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