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12 Jun

Improve FM (or ANY Radio) Reception by Thinking Outside the Box

Generally, the formula for solid home FM reception is to purchase a quality FM tuner, install a large FM antenna as high as possible, and run heavy, thick coax from the FM reception antenna to the FM tuner. While this almost always results in fantastic FM reception, there are settings where this isn’t possible or […]

30 Mar

An FM Booster Amplifier that Increases Signals on FM Antenna Systems

FM pre-amplifiers have not normally been something we recommended because not many have been available that function as they should on the FM Broadcast Band. In fact, most of these boosters have a switch that completely block the FM band. Now there is a product available that will boost signals from an FM antenna in […]

14 Feb

FM Antenna Connector Guide Published

It has been a challenge in the past to identify what antenna receptacle we have on our stereo or FM tuner. We have published a guide to help you identify your tuner’s antenna input: FM Antenna Connector Guide

18 Apr

Exciting New FM Reception Antenna Offering

We have been testing the new omnidirectional FM antenna from FM DX Antenna Co and the results have been quite exciting. This circular-style antenna has been available in Europe for quite a while and I’ve always wanted to test one. The turn-style antennas have always been a compromise of direction because they weren’t true omni-directional […]

15 Jan

HD Portable Radio With a HUGE Sound

The Insignia HD Radio Portable Player available from Best Buy is an amazing radio for around $50. The sound is incredible on HD stations and the reception is very, very good. It has a standard USB jack for charge which means you can plug it into your PC to charge it but if you have a […]

07 Jan

Secrets of FM Reception

When trying to receive FM signals at home there are a few often overlooked considerations. The one thing to remember is with the FM Broadcast Band that line of sight to the transmitter is important. The fewer obstacles between the reception antenna and the transmitter antenna the better. 1/ Height is the number one consideration […]

30 Apr

A New Indoor Antenna Offering and an Upgrade to an Old Favorite

FM DX Antenna Co is releasing a directional indoor antenna and upgrading the outstanding indoor half wave FM Dipole. Both these reception antennas are considered best values by far for their unsurpassed performance and reasonable cost. Read more with a click.

29 Oct

The Best Home FM Tuner?

Easily, the best value in a home FM tuner is the Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner. It is available almost everywhere for under $100 the FM reception characteristics are equivalent to the best sub-$1000 tuners available. The reviews have been amazing. The reviews of the Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner have shown consistent results.

14 Jul

Find FM Signals – Another Excellent (and Fun) Free Tool

This tool can help answer questions like  – Which broadcasters are transmitting locally?   – How far are the transmitters from me?  – Which direction should I point my antenna?  – How strong are the signals in my area? 

09 Mar

Sangean PR-D5 AM FM Radio Is a Winner!

Needed something to test as there has been little news lately with AM or FM reception equipment so finally broke down and picked up one of the Sangean PR-D5 AM FM Radios from Amazon.

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