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29 Apr

Best Personal FM Radio Available in the USA (Again)

Sony SRF-S84 Personal AM-FM RadioThe Sony SRF-S84 is one of the top performers among small, personal radios. It is seen for sale on both Amazon and eBay.

Xin Feng at describes the radio like this:

If you want the smallest size and the best sounding and reception, this is the one. It uses the same CXA1129 IC used in SRF-59 and uses only 1 AAA battery to operate. I’ve not seen anything that has better reception. Overall, this is the best pocket radio that we recommend, not just for its smallest size, but for its sounding and reception as well.

AM reception is very good considering the small size.

 The key is to add a good set of headphones to improve both reception and sound.

Either of the following 2 headsets offer excellent sound and have the qualities to improve reception as the headphone cable serves as the antenna on the Sony SRF-S84:

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