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FM Antenna Connector Guide

FM Antenna Connector and FM Antenna Adapter Guide

For most people, identifying the connector needed for their FM receiver, tuner, or radio is going to be easy as there are those most common:

F Antenna Connector

If you have a threaded antenna receptacle, you will need the screw-on F or you can choose to use the quick or push on F connector. There is no such thing as a push-on F receptacle or jack, the push-on F or quick F is only made for the screw-on F receptacle. If your stereo or tuner has a smooth connector with a tube in the middle, it probably needs a PAL female connector which is shown below.

F Female Antenna Connector

F receptacle or jack

Screw on F antenna connector

Screw on F connector

Push on F adapter to screw on F female

Push on F antenna adapter to screw on F female

To purchase a Push-on F to Female F adapter visit FM DX Antenna Co FM Antenna Adapters

PAL Antenna Connector

If your stereo has a smooth, non-threaded FM antenna receptacle you will need a PAL female antenna adapter. The PAL connector is also known as a Belling-Lee connector and in Europe sometimes as a Kok connector.

PAL Male FM Antenna Receptacle

PAL Male Receptacle

PAL Female FM Antenna connector

PAL Female to F Female adapter

To purchase a PAL Female to F Female antenna adapter visit FM DX Antenna Co FM Antenna Adapters

300 Ohm Transformer

If your FM stereo has 2 screws or spring clips, you need a 300 ohm transformer. The 300 ohm input is usually found on older, vintage FM tuners and FM receivers or newer shelf systems that are lower priced. For the 75 ohm inputs on the 2 following antenna inputs you can strip the coax and use the center conductor on one and the shielding braid on the other as you don’t actually need a transformer on that input. Old units will have standard screws for 300 ohms (not pictured) and may or may not have the option of 75 ohms.

300 ohm FM antenna receptacle

Clip receptacle for FM antenna

Thumb screw FM antenna receptacle

Thumb screw FM antenna receptacle

300 ohm to 75 ohm F female transformer

300 ohm to 75 ohm F female transformer

To purchase a 300 ohm transfer visit FM DX Antenna Co FM Antenna Adapters

1/8″ Antenna Plug

Many portable radios with FM have an FM antenna input that is the same size as a headphone jack. It requires a 3.5 mm or 1/8′” connector. New Bose Wave radios also require a 1/8″ FM antenna adapter (older Bose units used screw on F FM antenna adapter ).

3.5mm or 1/8" FM antenna input

3.5mm or 1/8" FM antenna input

Bose Wave Radio FM Antenna Input

Bose Wave FM Antenna Input

3.5mm or 1/8" plug to F female adapter

3.5mm or 1/8" plug to F female adapter

To purchase a 1/8″ Male to F Female adapter visit FM DX Antenna Co FM Antenna Adapters

FM DX Antenna Co offers a line of indoor and outdoor FM antennas with a complete FM antenna connector line.

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10 Responses to “FM Antenna Connector Guide”

  1. 1
    Bobbie Says:

    My stereo system will not pick up an FM stations. But the only hookups I see on the back are the co-axle type where you could plug in a dvd/cd player. Could I use these plugs???

    Unfortunately, no. It must have an antenna input to add an antenna.

    There should be a wire for FM reception coming off the unit or a telescopic rod or something. I can hardly imagine there is no antenna at all but I suppose it is possible.

    You didn’t include brand name or model or anything or I would have tried to research it a bit.


  2. 2
    Frank Iacone Says:

    I have a marantz 2020B 176 receiver that I would like a better FM antenna for than the flat wire I am using. It can take 300ohm or 75ohm but appears wire needs to be inserted. Which model would work best for this receiver, I use it in a stereo rack

    Hi Frank,

    Yes, like it says in the guide above you’ll need to either use the braid and center wire and use the 75ohm on a 75ohm coax like RG6 or you can use a transformer to go from 75 to 300 and use the 300 ohm input, either way works great.

    You don’t let me know whether you want an indoor or outdoor antenna but if it is an indoor antenna then the following one is the best I’m aware of for indoors:

    FM DX Antenna Co Indoor Dipole with Double tuning

    For more information about FM Reception such as antenna recommendations and such, check out my FM Reception Guide:

    FM Reception Guide


    Lake, indoor only. I am getting some static on the FM stereo when I push it out I get clear noise free reception. I am not sure but I am running a dual wire 300ohm coaxial cable I guess it came with this from the seller but I want to clear up the FM noise so what way would be best to go. I can use the 75 ohm as the receiver has both 75 ohm and 300 ohm spring inputs for wire.

    Ok, sounds right. Everything is covered in the connector guide and my original response. Thanks for the questions!


  3. 3
    Chuck Says:

    I have a pioneer a/v stereo VXS305. I use a single wire from the clip receptacle it will pick up local fm stations. I am wanting to add a antenna in my attic or possibly outside, what would be my best solution for adding a external antenna.

    Thanks Chuck

    Hi Chuck,

    For either inside or outside I will recommend two antennas. The 1/2 wave dipole is the best, but almost as good is the horizontal folded dipole. If you have 6 feet of head clearance in the attic go with the dipole:

    FM DX Antenna 1/2 Wave Dipole

    If you don’t have that head clearance then you will be very pleased with the folded omni antenna:

    FM DX Antenna Folded horizontal folded dipole

    Remember, if you mount in the attic, you must not have a metal roof or metal siding or radiant barrier as metal blocks the signal to any antenna. Outside that, many people get fantastic results mounting their antenna in the attic. An antenna mounted above the roofline in the clear is in the prime spot for reception, however.


  4. 4
    Dee Says:

    Lake, I have a new FM/AM Pioneer VSX-520 receiver and the FM receptacle is smooth. My old receiver a Kenwood could be hooked-up using the wires sticking out of this 75 ohm coaxcable which connected the rooftop antenna. What type of adapter can I buy and where to fit on this 75 ohm coaxcable and then connect to the smooth receptacle. It must have a way to connect or tighten onto the cable. Radio Shack had an adapter that screwed onto the receiver but not a smooth one.

    Obviously, you have the PAL connector using the FM antenna connector guide above so you need a PAL female to F female adapter. If you want that adapter from Radio Shack you need the following part number:


  5. 5
    Lester Bryant Says:

    my stereo only has one wire coming from the back for a fm antena so what would i use to connect this external antena?I would like to buy one if i knew how to connect it.
    Thank You
    Lester Bryant

    Unfortunately, you must have an actual connector so that you can unplug or unscrew your current antenna and plug or screw in a replacement such as the one we offer. It is not possible to attach another antenna to the wire on your stereo to make it work. There are some things you can do to optimize your setup.

    If you only have a wire coming out of your stereo, it is not meant to have another antenna attached. Usually (there certainly could be exceptions) these types of stereos are not top-of-the-line FM receivers, though they certainly may be good enough for local stations. There are some tips you can follow to make the best use of the wire antenna coming from the back of your stereo:

    – Use the stereo on an outer wall, particularly an outer wall in the direction of the transmitter (FM station) you are trying to receive. In front of a window would be even better.
    – The higher the better is a good guideline. If you can place your stereo on a shelf higher on the wall, it should work better. High on a wall in the upper floor of a multi-story home is even better still.
    – The wire should be between 27″ – 31.5.” If it is not, you should add enough wire to make it in the range.
    – The wire should be straight up and vertical so that it is not curled or bent. You can tape it down somehow to make it stay vertical.

  6. 6
    Khalid Says:

    Is it possible to have an SMA connector with Omnidirectional FM HD or Stereo Reception Antenna?


  7. 7
    Dvora Says:

    My stereo has 2 spring clips for an antenna but it says 75 ohms. can I use an antenna that says 300 ohms?


    You sure can, it will work without a problem.


  8. 8
    Tommy Mac Says:

    I just bought and installed a Denon AVR-1312 AV receiver. It has a75 ohm F antenna connector for the FM and a AM loop antenna. Both have about a 3 foot wire that I’ve attached to the wall. I only receive about half the available FM stations in my area and I receive no AM stations.
    In the backyard there is a ProSat 118 actuator, made by EFA corporation, attached to an 11’diameter dish, facing WSW. The dish has a coaxial and a 16-3 wire plus a bare silver colored wire (ground?). The actuator has 12-2 and 16-3 inside one sheath. Cut off unused is a 16-2 plus the bare silver colored wire (ground?) These four run as a quad underground up to the house.
    I also have a DirecTV dish on the roof. It has a dual coaxial cable coming into the basement. 1 is cutoff, 1 goes into a 4 way splitter. From the splitter, 2 go to the living room to the DirecTV receiver, 1 goes to a DirecTV receiver in the bedroom, and the fouth is available.
    Do I have any options to use my current setup to improve AM/FM reception? An added bonus would be the ability to receive OTA TV.

    Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.


    Thanks for the question.

    The satellite equipment is not going to help with terrestrial radio and TV reception.

    If you want OTA TV plus FM, it sounds like you need a combination TV/FM antenna so you’ll need one that covers the Low VHF TV band because FM is just above channel 6.

    I don’t have a recommendation for a TV antenna but I do know the larger, the better for range.


  9. 9
    Ela Visaya Says:

    Hi, I look at it, it looks like PAL male/female adapter. Thanks a lot!

  10. 10
    Lake Says:


    It sure is possible. You would only need to get an adapter that goes from F to SMA. They are not common but they are available.


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